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"When all else fails, read the instructions." RJ Harris
"The power of position does not exist to provide the office holder with profit, it exists to guarantee the freedom of the people." RJ Harris

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Withdraw from Race

January 15th, 2014 by Staff

RJ drops out of the governor’s race.

From RJ’s Facebook Page: “Many thanks to my supporters. Please take notice of Joe Dorman’s campaign. You will find a candidate who, like me, is socially tolerant and fiscally conservative. I am very impressed with Joe and our similarities on several key issues makes this an easy endorsement.”

“Harris said after careful thought he has decided to instead endorse the campaign of Rep. Joe Dorman, D-Rush Springs, who formed an exploratory committee for the race on Dec. 17.

Harris added he believes Dorman shares many of his values and goals for the state.

‘We’ve got a candidate here in Joe that, even if we don’t see eye-to-eye on every issue, if I wasn’t convinced that he wasn’t serious about taking some of these issues head-on then I wouldn’t be doing this,’ Harris said.”

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Military Pension Cuts

December 17th, 2013 by RJ Harris

“A final effort by Senate Republicans to halt cuts to pensions of military retirees failed late Tuesday, after Democrats blocked an amendment to the controversial budget bill.

The two-year budget agreement, which cleared a key test vote earlier in the day, was expected to get a final vote no later than Wednesday.

Ahead of the final vote, Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., tried unsuccessfully to use a parliamentary tactic to force a vote on the amendment, which he wrote to undo the cuts for military retirees.

A provision in the already House-passed bill would cut retirement benefits for military retirees by $6 billion over 10 years.” Fox News Story

The people of Oklahoma’s 4th District need to know that their Congressman, Tom Cole, voted for and even promoted the house version of a bill which cuts funding for our veterans by nearly $6,000,000,0000. So let me get this strait, Cole first votes to send these men and women into battle and now he promotes a budget deal which cuts what they earned fighting for us?!?! Meanwhile, Gov. Fallin cuts off all state support to military families just to prevent same sex couples from receiving their benefits. Someone tell me how the GOP continues to claim that it supports veterans and military families while at the same time propping up these two anti-veteran, anti-military family politicians?

RJ Harris for Oklahoma Governor

August 08th, 2013 by Staff

“I will rise to this challenge and I hope you will rise with me. It is official; I am forming […]

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December 5th Fundraiser – The People vs. Big Interests

November 25th, 2013 by Staff

Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Checks PayPal – Also takes credit cards and debit cards Big interest backed Governor Mary […]

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