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Congressional Candidate & 3X Combat Veteran Endorses Gary Johnson for President

May 22nd, 2012 by RJ Harris

RJ Harris Endorses Governor Gary Johnson for President of the United States

I just had a very productive meeting with one of my campaign’s most generous donors going back to the 2010 congressional campaign. This gentleman is the vice president of a major Oklahoma energy company and he is a huge supporter of clean domestic energy and free markets for energy. He has traditionally been a Democrat supporter but feels totally betrayed by the left’s pandering to socialism and failing to end the war like Pres. Obama promised nearly four years ago. Nor is he too keen on Obama using the government to pick the winners and losers in the energy markets. However, he won’t switch Republican because he sees that the GOP has continually failed to deliver on its candidate’s promises of fiscally responsible government and because of their atrocious record on the war and on civil liberty issues. All of this is why he has been one of my supporters; because he, like so many Americans, is fed up with the failures of two party tyranny. He sees in this campaign a candidate who will not pander to either side but will fight instead to restore our freedom, liberty and fiscal responsibility.

Gary Johnson and RJ HarrisSo before I can ask him for his support for this 2012 congressional run he asks me, ‘why do I think we can get a population pre-programmed for decades to support either the left or the right to vote for me, a Libertarian, this November’? And I respond it three parts: 1. because I am sitting there talking with him which is evidence that prudent businesspersons and industry leaders are as fed up with the destruction being wrought on our great Republic by the Republicans and Democrats as much as are we in the grass-roots. 2. because I proved my mettle and commitment to the cause of Liberty in the last campaign and in so doing built a major base of supporters in Oklahoma’s 4th district. And 3. because the Libertarian Party just nominated its most viable presidential candidate in its entire history; two time New Mexico Governor GARY JOHNSON! I pointed out that Gov. Johnson is already polling near 20% in his home state and near 7% in other early polling states. I let my supporter know that WHEN we get Gov. Johnson into these debates by getting him up to 15% then the sky is the limit and we will not only have a real shot at winning the Presidency but also in getting elected several down ticket candidates just like me. Then I told him that Gary can win because he WILL stop this war and because he will make non-interventionism the centerpiece of his foreign policy. He will veto every unconstitutional bill that comes out of the Congress and he will restore freedom, liberty, capitalism and free markets like no president has in the last century and that includes Ronald Reagan.

When I was done my supporter said that he was once again on-board and that he would share this message with every industry captain he is personally connected with…to support Libertarian Candidates so that we can have our shot to fix the decades of damage the Republicans and Democrats have wrought on our nation! Fellow Patriots: We CAN DO THIS! We can restore our Constitution and our Republic. This is no longer a fight of just activists as now even business leaders are realizing that our government is beyond broken to the point of damaging commerce and endangering the American Dream for all future Citizens. So I have said all that to say this: we MUST come together now as Americans and Libertarians and support our nominee for President; Governor Gary Johnson which is why I am endorsing him today and will be campaigning my heart out for him as I campaign for myself across Oklahoma. We must tell everyone we know about him and we must get him into the upcoming debates so that our message of freedom will be heard all over the world and so that all of our other candidates will come rising to the top along with our presidential candidate. This is our moment. This is our time to restore freedom. So please dig deep into your reserves of strength and campaign for our Presidential Candidate and your local Libertarian Candidates like NEVER BEFORE! If you can please also make a max donation to Gary Johnson 2012 and to RJ Harris 2012. And if financial support is out of your ability then spend at least 30 minutes a day 5 days a week social networking for your champions so that the message will get so loud that it CANNOT be ignored.

The Spirit of the Founders calls upon all of you once more to POUR into the breach created by the Ron Paul Revolution and fight hard now for all 2012 Liberty Candidates but most especially for Libertarian Presidential Nominee, GOVERNOR GARY JOHNSON!

Wake up America; it’s time to fight FOR LIBERTY!

- RJ Harris

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